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   Indoor environment of kindergarten is important for their life  

             Indoor environment of kindergarten is important for their life
Kindergarten is an important place for children's preschool education. Children's life  are mostly in kindergartens. Therefore, kindergartens are responsible for the children's physical and mental health and comprehensive development. The humanized design of the kindergarten indoor environment is an important part of the kindergarten interior design reform. Through reasonable color matching, we can
construct different "mood" interior design, embody the indoor environment humanized design concept, let the children relax in the kindergarten. To achieve better teaching results.
It is known that in the color matching of the indoor environment design of the
kindergarten, the design concept of respecting the natural talent of the child, guiding the release of the child's nature, and inspiring the creativity of the child should be reflected through reasonable color matching. It is also necessary to give full consideration to the family relationship and social relationship environment of young children, and to create a lively and active world for children, an unfettered life, a kindergarten full of creativity and imagination.
Kindergartens should abandon the traditional concept of color environment design, adopt open color design, and embody the humanization of indoor environment in kindergarten through interesting and meaningful color mixing.Kindergartens should use soft colors to create a family atmosphere, such as a sofa with a sable color, a green carpet or grass, and a warm and warm wall.The facilities and furnishings of the kindergarten should be integrated in the color matching. Under the premise of satisfying the basic functions of the indoor space, it integrates with the indoor environment, and uses the color of the light and dark, the heating and cooling, the size of the equipment, the square, the thickness of the quality, etc. The uniform arrangement of color matching fully reflects the spatial order of the kindergarten, and brings a pleasant, harmonious and lively feeling to the children's physical and psychological.
According to the analysis of color science, the application and matching of high saturation, high transparency and warm color can make children feel happy, cheerful and excited. In particular, the colors of the lake blue, purple, and beige colors are combined with creativity and natural atmosphere, which can make the interior design of the kindergarten form a cheerful and lively educational atmosphere, making the design concept more humane. At the same time, children's personality characteristics also make them more inclined to contrast jumping, bright and harmonious colors, so the interior design, the application color must have local changes, reflecting the sense of coordination and fun.kindergarten indoors The design of the environment is generally based on the theme of children's appreciation and use. It needs to be based on the aesthetic perspective and psychological characteristics of young children.

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