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Children's choice of color

Children's choice of color

Children's choice of color is gradual. Infants at 3 months can distinguish the four basic types of red, yellow, blue and green
Color; 3 years old-4 years old children distinguish the percentage of 6 colors of red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, purple and other 97%, after 4 years old
Reached 100%. The ability to distinguish subtle colors gradually develops after 4 years of age. Before 4 years old, children can distinguish basic colors; 4 years old
Afterwards, toddlers can gradually distinguish the shade of color and the tendency of tones.
Children's portrayal of colors can be divided into three stages.
First: smear stage. Before 4 years old, children fiddle with paintbrushes and smear with colors, young children are exploring and understanding colors. Early
-Monochrome, any color is OK; gradually, young children have a love or hate emotion for one or two colors, and start to follow
Choose more colors that they like, but refuse to choose colors that they don't like. Most of them appear in the paintings.

Secondly: decoration stage. After the first stage, children ’s understanding of color reaches one
To a certain extent, they have great enthusiasm for color, and their favorite colors increase.
plus. In their favorite colors, they have expanded into orange, pink, sky blue, grass green, etc.
The colors that I don't like also increase, and expand to dark blue, brown, gray, yellowish brown and other colors. 
The colors in our paintings have also increased, and the children have used the colors they know and master everywhere.
Decorate the wall  is colorful, with obvious decoration. Children's beauty of color for their nursery walls. 
Play with chidlren together with nursery wall stickers such as https://www.fancywallz.co.uk/cactus-tree-set-wall-decal-for-nursery_p0523.html
Depends on the relationship between the perception characteristics of various colors and personal personality characteristics. they
I like warmer and brighter reds, oranges, yellows, and greens, but not blacks, grays, and browns
The same color, which is consistent with the lively vitality of young children. At this time, some young
Children began to associate color with their feelings for things.

Third: Reproduction and performance stage. Around the end of childhood, some children have reappeared
The idea of ​​the inherent color of objects. For example: draw pandas in black and white, draw chicks
With yellow, they realized that if they do n’t use color like this, they do n’t paint like this.
Too. At the same time, without affecting the authenticity of performance, young children still do their best
Color the image as desired.

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