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Do these three things well from childhood will help them to rich their hearts

Do these three things well from childhood will help them to rich their hearts
Original: Su Yan  from micro psychology office     Su Yan micro psychology 1 week ago
I have heard some words from the consulting office and outside the consulting room recently:
Teacher, I don't know why I want to learn. Even if I have a good grade, I can only be happy for a while, then I feel boring again.
If I can't learn well, then what else do I learn from it?
I thought that I had enough money, and I could settle in my heart. When I counted the numbers on the bank card, I found that I didnt have to worry about it for the rest of my life. My heart suddenly became empty, and I couldnt make any effort to do anything. A little depressed.
If it is not good enough to be as good as others, I will be very scared and anxious.
It seems that we always have to advertise and support the existence of ourselves through something, and it is so fragile.
When we talk and experience the emptiness of the inner existence of their innermost feelings, we truly understand each other: the sense of meaning, to build the meaning of life, is also one of the lessons we have to learn in our lives.
So today's sharing is about how to develop the ability of children to build the meaning of life from a young age. We can try these three ways:
By completing an activity or work
We can continue to do it with the child (or the child can do it alone in the ability) an activity (such as manual), or a job (such as housework), or learn a skill (knowledge acquisition, motor skills mastery), etc. Wait.
Through the completion of these events, let the children experience the positive consequences of this matter, such as mastering a certain skill, they can be more free, complete a family cleaning, create a clean and tidy environment, etc. for themselves and The positive impact and pleasant inner experience of others.
We can try to ask: How do you feel after doing this?
The child may answer: Mom, I am very happy / I think I am very good / the house is clean, I feel so comfortable, and so on.
We can then explain: Yes, doing these things can make us feel happy / can make us find that we are really good / can make us more free / can make our body more comfortable and so on.
In this way, the child is inspired to explore inward, and under our guidance, to see and appreciate the meaning of doing these things.
By experiencing something or someone
Experiencing the beauty of life, or loving someone, can also let us experience the meaning of life.
We can take the children to the community to observe, observe the changes of flowers and trees throughout the year, feel the beauty, richness and fun of nature, and the kind of beautiful feeling that brings us inner heart.
We can try to feel the cherry blossoms in full bloom, and then share our feelings: Mom looks at these cherry blossoms and is very happy, you?
Inspire and understand the beauty of things through sharing and inquiry.
If a friend does something good for him today, we can help the child to understand the goodwill and affection of others: he likes you very much, he is really friendly to you, is the baby very happy?
When we have conflicts with our children, we can try to communicate with the children in good faith and let him experience the power of sincerity.
Our true feelings of truth, fan, and beauty are important. They can nourish our inner love and goodwill to the world, and our sense of intimacy and accommodation to the world.
In addition, the feeling of "love a person" by experience can also let us find the meaning of life, which may not be easy.
In life, we are less likely to really see a person, understand the qualities of that person, see his potential, and conserve him all, help him achieve his potential to achieve himself.
We are more likely to put our own projections and expectations into others and become hostile because our expectations are frustrated.
But I also see a lot of people working hard to achieve this goal. This process may require us to first see ourselves, understand ourselves, understand the projections in our relationship with the children, and see and accept the real children.
This kind of seeing and accepting will make the child feel the feeling of being truly loved. A person who is truly loved has the ability to love others.
At this point, we seem to be able to learn from the children. The child always cares about his mother's beauty or ugliness, earning more or less, and doing any work. They will sincerely express their love and needs for their mother. When mothers need them, they will do their best to help her achieve.
Or we can say to the child: Thank you for your love for your mother. This feeling makes my mother feel very moved, very warm and very powerful. In order to protect his inner love of a person, and someone has a deep link feeling. Instead of focusing too eagerly on what the child is doing, push the child's goodwill away.
For example, when a child asks for help, we may not say to the child: Oops, you should manage yourself first, you can't manage yourself, and you want to manage others?
Another example is when your child wants to do something for you. Your first reaction is: Do you want to dry up and mess?
These practices will make the child feel the rough push of the mother, will make them afraid to invest in a person, because it may be hurt.
Experience in frustration and hardship
Everyone from the beginning of their birth will face a series of setbacks, even a very difficult time, even a situation that can be called suffering.
But even such a moment can still bring us the meaning of life.
In the process of overcoming difficulties and making it impossible, one can see their potential and increase their confidence in themselves.
When children encounter setbacks, we can also help and encourage them to cross obstacles and then go back to the market. What kind of efforts have we made? What kind of problem has been solved? What was the feeling at the beginning? As the process progresses, how does the feeling change? After the difficulties are overcome, what are the differences we feel about ourselves? and many more.
There is another type of setback that may not be able to cross and must be faced. For example, in the face of loss, such as facing things that are beyond their capabilities.
In the face of loss, we may need to understand the meaning of loss. For example, in the face of death, a child once told me that I really want to invent a machine that can accurately know the death time of everyone. I can know how much time we have together, how to arrange us. Time to plan what we want to do. You see, this is the education of death for us. It allows us to learn to cherish and drive the very important motivation.
Even this burst of traditional meaning can still bring us meaning.
In frustration and suffering, we can help children see more of the truth and essence of life, feel the possibility of changing their attitudes, and feel the real sense of control over life.
We have done, loved, and bravely endured the pain, and turned the possibility of life into a sense of reality. This sense of reality allows people to step on the earth in a steady and steady manner, and the heart will not be hollow and swaying. .
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